Bobbin Lace of Vamberk, Czech

I would like to bring to your attention one special place in the Czech Republic. A town named Vamberk. This town is a special place for lace makers. Vamberk has been known for lace production since the 17th century. It was Magdalena Grambová, a Belgian owner of a local estate in Vamberk, who introduced Belgian lace patterns and a new technique of bobbin lace making using a lace cushion or pillow. Vamberk became a European center of lace-making. In the year 1899 the first Czech lace making school was opened, and it was the start of Czech traditional lace. In the second half of the century almost in every house, they earned money by making bobbin lace. Lace was done not just by women, but by children and men. Czech lace very soon became known and valued all over Europe. The founding date of today's Vamberska lace Vamberk is May 11, 1946. The main idea behind establishing this manufacture was to keep lace tradition alive and combine old technique with modern form. Part of this manufacture was lacemaking school. Many artists had here done their realization of their designs. First international valuation of modern lace made in Vamberk came on international exhibition EXPO 1958. Czech lacemakers were honored by gold and silver medal. The next big applause Czech received was in 1967 international exhibition in Montreal. Factory produced on the only realization of designs from well-known artists but also had its own designers, who designed lace for ladies social clothing, jewelry, and production of home designs.

Manufacture factory of lace was running till so-called Velvet revolution, after privatization this manufacture under new ownership fated and its production is limited. Today they have only one designer, very talented lady Lenka Kroulikova.


lenka kroulikova

expo 2010 China


First museum of lace established in vamberk 1924

retrospective exhibition of old Czech lace making to modern

Vamberk, is also hosting biennale of Czech lace. Last biennale took place 2017.

Photos courtesy of: Lenka Kroulikova

web-museum: Krajky Vamberk

Vamberk Czech Republic