Bobbin Lace for Beginners Online Lace Course

Bobbin Lace for Beginners The Course That Began the Journey

We put this class together to help make learning Bobbin Lace more accessible to people interested in learning the art. The response has been overwhelmingly encouraging and enthusiastic. At this point, we have met hundreds of amazing students. We want to thank everyone who has signed up and supported us through amazing reviews and social media shares. If you are interested in getting started making lace, we welcome you to come and join other students and us in this endeavor due to how fun this has been and much encouragement. We will continue with the classes and have started to reach out to very gifted Bobbin Lace artists, teachers, and guilds to bring together more resources for new and practicing lace makers. Stay tuned for some amazing artwork and introduction to some truly gifted lace artists.

Course Description for Bobbin Lace for Beginners Part One.

Learn the three basic stitches and complete a bookmark pattern

This class is designed for beginning bobbin lace students. The information and instructions you will receive are both in video and text. The first portion of the information I will go over four visual charts with valuable information that you will be using throughout the classes. Our videos are broken down in short segments covering each topic. This will enable you to refer to each subject for information as often as needed without reviewing a full taping. The videos are also filmed as if you are watching my hands. You might say you have front row seats right with me. I have tried to make the course informative and easy to follow. I hope you will come and enjoy the experience of learning bobbin lace.

Access to your instructor for Q&A

18 Videos

20 informational pages

365 days of access

Practice pattern download

Thank you and happy lace making!

Nathan Perry