Handmade Lace Designer Malgorzata Szpila

Malgorzata Szpila | @handmadelacedesign

Malgorzata Szpila | @handmadelacedesign

The tradition of lacemaking has always been at my home. Bobowa (name of my hometown) it is the oldest lace center in Poland, where lace traditions are cultivated up to this day. However, when I was a little girl, it was the last thing which could somehow interest me. The breakthrough occurred in 2000 when the first International Festival of Bobbin Lace took place in Bobowa. My mum with other enthusiasts of lace has decided to invite lace makers from other countries and create a few days of the exhibition. For the first time in my life lacemaking become something interesting.

Jitka von Linder Egermaierova, Iva Proskowa, Jana Frajkorova, and my first lace teacher Hilde Dumon become my biggest inspiration, and since that days I cannot imagine myself without laces.

With my mum, Ewa Szpila, I was improving my basic stitches by doing simple bracelets and earrings. So here is my small secret – I have never done any pattern typical for the lacemaking from my hometown, but I promise, one day I will make a massive tablecloth from the pattern of my great-grandmother. Now I am one big mix of different influences because:

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My first teacher was from Belgium (flat pillow with small bobbins) She has shown me the first stitch on pedant patter which was drawn for me by Jitka von Linder (Czech Republic). In that time, I was living in Bobowa where we have a round pillow with large bobbins.

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So, I end up with a piece of polystyrene cover with brown fabric (made by dad), bone bobbins with beautiful beads which were a gift from a British Lady, and linen threads which were available in my small village.

It has pushed me to think creatively. Together with my mum, we started to travel around Europe and participate in International Lace Festival. Thanks to her I have already visited Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Scotland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary and two years ago I have made my first exhibition in Russia.

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I would not call myself a lace artist. I just want to make beautiful and feminine laces. But to get to this point, I was trying various ways.

For example, in 2012 I made a lace stair. The goal of this project was to create a stair that would help people in their understanding others. As well as themselves. I wanted to create something that would be in opposition to the Tower of Babel which made people so different. Each step was created with a different motif which was inspired by poetry.

Malgorzata Szpila |

Malgorzata Szpila |

A few years after I have made a couple of cloths with laces, but I am not so proud of them. All that time I was teaching, and I also wrote my master’s degree about lacemaking in Europe. I graduated with, and I owe it all to bobbin lace.

I think if it were not for lace in my life, I would not be the person I am now. Lace lets me travel around the world and meet amazing people. Marc Anthony - quotes, “if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life”. This is so true. 😊

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Handmade Lace Design

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Malgorzata Szpila | Handmade Lace Design