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Ivana Domanjova Czech Lace Maker and Designer

Ivana is one of the leading persons in the Czech modern bobbin lace field.

For many years bobbin lace is her life, she is publishing Lace magazine Paličkování. She teaches classes all over the Czech republic. Her works are exhibited in many international bobbin lace symposiums and exhibitions; also, her works have been published in many magazines. Ivana is very enthusiastic, and her sense of humor and excitement about bobbin lace is contagious.

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Ekatrina Russian lace Teacher

was introduced to the basics of bobbin lace-making in high school during after-school classes.

At that time, I did not know anything about this kind of art and agreed to study to to.make my teacher happy. I did not have a deep desire to learn this technique. These classes were not mandatory, and very few people wanted to attend them voluntarily. I studied physics, history, languages. Learning something extra after school was my hobby. I had a dream to become a clothing designer now I’m glad that didn't happen.

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